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XPathGetter and CodeChecker


SeleniumCodeChecker update 2022-04-12

Be sure to try the trial version before purchasing to check whether the operation and functions are worth buying.

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The limitations are:

  • Not support repeat mode
  • No history file
  • Can be performed up to five times

To Start

  1. Unzip downloaded file
  2. Download driver for each browsers
  3. Start the application
  4. Setting browser in the app

You have to change Internet Explorer settings to use this app in IE browser.

Internet Options:

1. [Security]-[Enable Protected Mode]
You need to match “on" or “off" in all zones.

IE_setting(Enable Protected Mode)

2.[Security]-[Custom level]-[Allow status bar updates via script]

IE_setting()Allow status bar updates via script

3.[Advanced]-[Enable Enhanced Protected Mode/*Uncheck the check box]

IE_setting(Enable Enhanced Protected Mode/Uncheck)

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